MAS6260 is a charger IC for single-cell Li-Ion and LiPo batteries. It includes 150mA low-dropout (LDO) regulator and protection functions for battery and the IC. Charging uses CC/CV algorithm and its fast charge current is programmable up to 400mA with an external resistor. Pre-charge and termination currents are determined relative to programmed fast charge current. The MAS6260 is available with three different floating voltage options; 4.2V, 4.35V and 4.4V.

The device has automatic power path control. When input supply voltage is available all power is taken from the input. That includes battery charging and loading from LDO and SYS pins. When valid input voltage is not available and the battery is not empty the device switches to battery power. MAS6260 includes battery overcharge, overdischarge and overtemperature protection. Additionally there is overcurrent protection at the input (VIN) and at both outputs (SYS, LDO). There are four different faulty conditions at which the device gives distinctive fault condition signals. Charging and shutdown modes are controlled from the system. In shutdown mode the battery current consumption is minimized to maximize battery life. MAS6260 is available in a small DFN-12 3x3x0.75 mm package.




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