MAS6513 24-bit ADC for capacitive sensor
MAS6287 app figure
MAS6287 ultra-wide temperature range VCTCXO IC
MAS1641 Capacitance Change Detection with Piezo Alarm
MAS6260 Li-ion and LiPo battery charger IC with LDO
MAS6241 18Vpp Piezo Driver IC for Self-Drive Type Piezoelectric Sounders
MAS6251 35Vpp Piezo and LED Driver IC for Self Drive Type Piezo
MAS6250 35Vpp Piezo and LED Driver IC for Multi-Tone Sound
MAS6240 Piezo Driver IC for Multi-Sound
MAS6502 16-Bit ADC for resistive sensor
MAS6505 22-bit Low Power Low Noise Piezoresistive Sensor Signal Interface IC
MAS6503 24-Bit ADC for resistive sensor
MAS6512 16-Bit ADC for capacitive sensor
MAS6510 24-Bit ADC for capacitive sensor
MAS6181B Dual Band AM Receiver
MAS6180B AM Receiver, 1.1V - 3.6V
MAS6180C AM Receiver, 1.5V - 5.5V
Time Code Receiver Modules
Antennas for Time Code Receivers
Test Equipment for Time Code Receivers
MAS6011 Solar Manager
MAS6279 High-End VCTCXO
MAS6285- IC for Offset Trimming of Oscillators with Max. Frequency of 200 MHz
MAS6285 IC for Offset Trimming
MAS6283- 25.00-40.00 MHz VCXO with CMOS (Square Wave) Output
MAS9278- 10.00-30.00 MHz VCXO IC with Sine Wave Output and Offset Trimming
MAS9278 VCXO IC with Offset Trimming
MAS6116 High End Stereo Digital Volume Control



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