MAS6251                                 35Vpp Piezo and LED Driver IC for Self Drive Type Piezo
MAS6250                                    35Vpp Piezo and LED Driver IC for Multi-Tone Sound
MAS6240                                    Piezo Driver IC for Multi-Sound
MAS6502                                    16-Bit ADC for resistive sensor
MAS6505 22-bit Low Power Low Noise Piezoresistive Sensor Signal Interface IC
MAS6503                                    24-Bit ADC for resistive sensor
MAS6512                                     16-Bit ADC for capacitive sensor
MAS6510                                    24-Bit ADC for capacitive sensor
MAS6181B                                Dual Band AM Receiver
MAS6180B                                AM Receiver, 1.1V - 3.6V
MAS6180C                                 AM Receiver, 1.5V - 5.5V
Time Code Receiver Modules
Antennas for Time Code Receivers
Test Equipment for Time Code Receivers
MAS6011                                     Solar Manager
no image added yet.
MAS6279                                    High-End VCTCXO
no image added yet.
MAS6285                                    IC for Offset Trimming
no image added yet.
MAS6283                                    VCXO IC
no image added yet.
MAS9278                                    VCXO IC with Offset Trimming
MAS6116                                     High End Stereo Digital Volume Control



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