We offer complete development and production services including concept and schematic design, simulations, prototype testing and production volumes at in-house wafer probing and test facility. This flow has been proven over many years to be effective and efficient in achieving the desired product – one that meets all the customer’s needs. Design flow and all operations are ISO9001 certified.

MAS has very experienced design team, which has done many different devices from several different areas. As a fables semiconductor company we can always use the most suitable process in terms of cost and performance according to the requirements of the particular application. Our in house wafer probing facility makes it easy for us to supply all products also as tested die and makes it possible to get quick feedback about the design.

Two solutions

ASIC solution, integrated circuit made according to customer’s requirements, offers an optimal solution in terms of specification and cost. Project starts with concept design and determination of specification which are made in close co-operation with the customer.  Process selection will be made based on product requirements, and customer preferences. As number of needed samples is limited, Multi project wafer (MPW) runs can be used for prototype manufacturing keeping the cost low. In total MAS has done several hundred ASIC and ASSP designs to silicon level for applications in mobile phones to industrial electronics. This allows also development of ASIC for projects where the predicted volumes are not enormous. As a financially solid company MAS can offer several options for the payment of the NRE.

If you have good idea for new product, but you don’t want to do ASIC, then ASSP is good choice. Application specific standard product (ASSP) is an integrated circuit designed for certain application. MAS offers the possibility for customers to suggest the specification and get the desired product. In a ASSP project MAS pays all the development cost but keeps the right to sell the product to any customer, although limitations can also be agreed.

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