Micro Analog Systems Oy (MAS), founded in 1980, designs and supplies high performance analog and mixed signal integrated circuits. MAS is a privately owned fabless semiconductor company. The company headquarter is located in Helsinki, Finland. MAS has also a second design office in Tallinn, Estonia and a sales office in Hong Kong. In-house wafer level testing and final testing facility allows us to easily supply all products also as bare die.

Currently MAS product portfolio consists of Piezo buzzer and LED drivers, low power and highly stable interface ICs for capacitive and resistive MEMS pressure and other sensors as well as crystal oscillator ICs like VCTCXOs. Additionally, MAS supplies solar cell manager IC and high end volume control IC for audio applications.

ASICs are important part of MAS’ business. During the years MAS has made several hundred ASIC products for different applications in all kind of electronics from space to consumer.  As a fabless company MAS can choose the most suitable process available from well-known foundries. We offer complete development and production services including concept and schematic design, simulations, prototype testing and production volumes at in-house wafer probing and test facility.

Projects on-time

We aim at maximum customer satisfaction in optimizing these performance measures in each project and continuously strive on improving all of them in the system of project management.

Continuous improvement

The quality of products and services results from the quality of every individual process and action on all levels. Our aim is to instill the spirit and commitment of all employees to continuously strive for improvement. This requires readiness to change, flexibility, good cooperation, teamwork and professional skillfulness in analysis and improvement tools as well as good knowledge in technology matters and superior workmanship.

Success is based on knowledge

Shared knowledge growth is enabled by open communication, good documentation, training and education. It is realized that new technologies and designs are built on the know-how gained in the past and so well-proven solutions and their prompt documentation are mandatory.

Quality control

Quality must be built in and improvements have to be prevention driven rather than correction driven. This means among other things efficient use of statistical process control, sound experimentation practice, efficient preventive maintenance procedures, risk analyses and prompt verification and qualification practices. “Trust, but verify!”

Management is based on facts

Decisions are based on valid conclusions succeeding a sound scientific study of data and other discoveries. The voice of the customer and the process, competitiveness and all other relevant aspects are appropriately taken into account in decision making.

ISO 9000 requirements are met

Micro Analog Systems Oy complies with the requirements of the standard SFS-EN ISO 9001:2015. The certification covers Design, Testing, Marketing and Sales of Integrated Circuits, Systems and Modules. A scanned version of the certificate can be loaded from the link Inspecta ISO 9001:2015.