Time Code Receiver ICs







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Stand-alone AM Receiver IC with Differential Input. Supply voltage: 1.1V - 3.6V


Stand-alone AM Receiver IC with Differential Input.  Supply voltage: 1.5V - 5.5V


Stand-alone Dual Band Time Signal AM Receiver IC with Differential Input


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Micro Analog Systems have designed AM receivers for Time Code reception since the late 90's. The technology to transmit time information using long wave time transmitters offers a cheap and simple way to get accurate time information. Also information about date and daylight savings can be extracted from the time signal. Key criteria's for our receivers are high sensitivity, low current consumption and good value for money. Our solutions can be used for single band, dual band as well as triple band applications. They have been optimized for time signal reception from the the following transmitters:


Micro Analog Systems are working with sevaral partners to be able to offer a complete system solution to our customers. Please contact us for more information.



  • Radio Controlled Clocks
  • Radio Controlled Watches
  • Time Synchronization Systems
  • Energy meters
  • Traffic light synchronization
  • City Light Control
  • Hazard light synchronization
  • Data Logging Systems
  • Power Line Communication