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Micro Analog Systems Oy (MAS), founded in 1980, design and markets low voltage, low power and low noise analog and mixed signal ICs. MAS is a privately owned fabless semiconductor company having it’s headquarter in Helsinki, Finland. It also operates a second design office in Tallinn, Estonia and a sales office in Hong Kong. MAS has in-house wafer level testing and final testing facility.

MAS is a leading supplier of radio clock receiver ICs for DCF, JJY40,JJY60, WWVB, MSF, BPC and other major systems. Its design know how also covers small stepper motor and LED driver ICs as well as ICs for energy harvesting like solar cell manager ICs.

Portable sensor applications are one of the product focus areas of MAS. We develop and manufacture very low power and highly stable interface ICs for MEMS pressure and other sensors. MAS sensor interface ICs can be used with both piezo resistive and capacitive sensor types from low volume industrial application to high volume consumer and automotive applications.

MAS develops and supplies both custom and application specific circuits for crystal oscillators like VCTCXOs, VCXOs and OCXOs.  MAS crystal oscillator ICs have excellent phase noise and meet the most stringent requirements of various applications.

For audio applications MAS has products from low end to high end. With MAS piezo buzzer driver IC 18 V output voltage is provided from a 3 V battery voltage. Our digital volume control IC is designed for the high end audio market like HiFi, Home Theater System HDTV and it offers the best in class performance at reasonable cost.

MAS is interested in supplying also ASIC solutions in its area of design expertise.  As a fables company MAS can choose the most suitable process available from well known foundries. Its up to date design infrastructure allows fast turn around design times and its back ground in mobile phone applications combined with low overhead cost makes it possible to offer also high volume products at very competitive pricing.