MAS6513 is a capacitive sensor signal conditioner IC, capable to interface both single and dual capacitance sensors. It uses a 24-bit Capacitance-to-Digital Converter, which employs a delta-sigma (ΔΣ) conversion technique. The output can be proportional to capacitance difference, ratio or sum. In addition to capacitance measurement the device has temperature sensor which is capable of measuring temperature in wide -40°C … +125°C temperature range. Built-in 24-bit calculation engine produces calibrated high-resolution output which can comprise of up to 3rd order linearization and 2nd order temperature compensation of sensor capacitance value and up to 2nd order linearization of the on-chip temperature sensor signal. The device includes a 512-bit EEPROM memory for storing capacitive sensor front-end trim values and calibration coefficients on-chip. 184 bits are left free for any other use.

The IC is designed to meet the requirement for low power consumption, thus making it an ideal choice for battery powered systems. Average current consumption down to 0.77μA @ 1Hz conversion rate can be achieved. There are seven different oversampling ratio (OSR) options available for both capacitance and temperature measurement which makes it possible to optimize resolution, conversion speed and current consumption.

The MAS6513 can run measurements either command based (One shot mode) or automatically (Continuous mode). Optional interrupt output can be configured to given an interrupt when new results are available or when any result has exceeded programmable alert limits.

The MAS6513 is available as dies and in a small DFN-12 3x3x0.75 mm package.




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