MAS6241 – 18Vpp Piezo Driver IC for Self-Drive Type Piezoelectric Sounders

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Helsinki, Finland – 21 February 2019

MAS6241 – Piezo Driver IC for Self-Drive Type Piezoelectric Sounders

Micro Analog Systems Oy introduces a high efficiency, easy to use and low cost solution for piezo sound applications requiring a high sound pressure level (SPL). Typical applications include piezo buzzers, alarm devices, white goods and handheld or portable devices with sound feature.

It is an inductor free low EMI and low profile solution for achieving a high sound pressure level. It includes a high efficiency 3x mode charge pump to boost input voltage to a high level. It can operate from a low supply voltage down to 2.2V and over a wide temperature range from -40°C to +125°C.

The MAS6241 is available in a small QFN-12 3x3x0.75 mm package. Samples are available. Price for a QFN packaged device is USD 0.67 (1 000 pcs). For further information and samples, please contact Micro Analog Systems Oy at info-mas@mas-oy.com.