Single Band Time Code Receiver IC


The MAS6180 AM-Receiver chip is a highly sensitive, simple to use AM receiver specially intended to receive time signals in the frequency range from 40 kHz to 100 kHz. Only a few external components are required. The circuit has a preamplifier, wide range automatic gain control, demodulator and an output comparator built in. The output signal can be processed directly by an additional digital circuitry to extract the data from the received signal. The control for AGC (automatic gain control) can be used to switch AGC on or off if necessary.

Part Name

Supply voltage


1.1V – 3.6V


1.5V – 5.5V


  • High Sensitivity, typ 0.4 μVrms
  • Low Voltage Operation, down to 1.1 V
  • Very Low Current Consumption, typ 40..66 μA
  • Only Few External Components Necessary
  • High Selectivity by Quartz Crystal Filter
  • Differential Input for Improved Noise Immunity
  • TSSOP-16 Package or Die (1020 μm x 1260 μm)
  • Operating temperature -40 - +85°C


  • Radio Controlled Clocks
  • Radio Controlled Watches
  • Time Synchronization Systems
  • Energy meters
  • Traffic light synchronization
  • City Light Control
  • Hazard light synchronization
  • Data Logging Systems
  • Power Line Communication
  • Meteotime