ASIC solutions







Micro Analog Systems Oy was founded in 1980 and we have since the beginning designed also ASIC's. In the beginning we did mostly ASIC's for the Nokia Group and later on power management ASIC's for many mobile phone and other customers. The designs were made for our in-house semiconductor technology with focus on low voltage, low power and low noise. Today we make analog and mixed signal IC's for a variety of applications. As a fables semiconductor supplier we are not anymore limited to low voltage applications but can always use the most suitable process in terms of cost and performance according to the requirements of the particular application. Our in house wafer probing facility makes it possible for us to supply all products also as tested die. This allows us also to supply bumped wafers where the type of bumping can be optimized according to the application.

In total we have done more than 200 ASIC and ASSP designs to silicon level. In the design process we are strictly following a 5 step design review procedure which is ISO9001 certified. In each step the critical issues are checked and approved before the design process can be continued. Before releasing the devices into production they must pass the qualification tests. For the schematics and layout design and simulation we are using the most modern design software.

Examples of projects/know how:

  • Mobile phone Baseband Processors
  • Power management/audio ICs
    • LDO Voltage regulators
    • White LED drivers
    • DC/DC converters
    • Charge pumps
    • Class-D audio amplifiers
    • Audio sub-systems for mobile phones
  • Stepper Motor Driver
    • Dashboards
    • Watches
  • Crystal and other oscillators
    • VCTCXO ICs
    • MEMS oscillator ICs
    • 32.768 kHz oscillator ICs
    • Trimming elements
  • AD Converters for Pressure Sensors
    • Piezo resistive sensor interface ICs
    • Capacitive sensor interface ICs
  • Interface ICs for scales
  • DA Converters
    • Telecom
    • Multimedia
  • Energy Meters
  • 3 phase kWh meters
  • Position/Speed Encoder
    • Robotics

Continuous improvement throughout the company

The quality of products and services results from the quality of every individual process and action on all levels. Our aim is to instill the spirit and commitment of all employees to continuously strive for improvement. This requires readiness to change, flexibility, good cooperation, teamwork and professional skillfulness in analysis and improvement tools as well as good knowledge in technology matters and superior workmanship.

Success is based on knowledge

Shared knowledge growth is enabled by open communication, good documentation, training and education. It is realized that new technologies and designs are built on the know-how gained in the past and so well-proven solutions and their prompt documentation are mandatory.

Preventions rather than corrections

Quality must be built in and improvements have to be prevention driven rather than correction driven. This means among other things efficient use of statistical process control, sound experimentation practice, efficient preventive maintenance procedures, risk analyses and prompt verification and qualification practices. "Trust, but verify!"

Projects on-time, first-time-right and right time-to-market

We aim at maximum customer satisfaction in optimizing these performance measures in each project and continuously strive on improving all of them in the system of project management.


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